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The Blue Screen Of Death

December 10, 2019


Have you seen this error? A common fault with the majority of laptops we fix is the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. This symbol of supposed chaos usually means there's an issue with your Operating system or computer hardware. You may come across this error almost immediately, or it may appear shortly after using your computer, thus forcing your PC to shut down. it is often accompanied by a unique code which identifies the error.


But what does it actually mean? Well it could be a number of things, most likely it is the result of a corrupt operating system, or a defective drive.  In some cases it can be the result of  a hardware fault or transfiguration. In rare cases it can also be related to a faulty battery or charger. However, 90% of the time it's down to a faulty operating system as a result of an update gone wrong.


Our business comes across this problem on a daily basis, and it is often regarded as the most common PC fault we see on a daily basis. Unlike other computer repair shops, we don't charge our customers to inspect the error. And if the problem is easily solved, we won't charge you at all!.


If your PC is displaying this error, get in touch with us today! We'd be happy to help you out. 

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