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How to build your own super laptop

September 18, 2019



Interesting title, eh? Well, here at Laptop Repair Base Preston we believe that if you build it, they will come. Of course, we can't guarantee your laptop will have super powers, but it will feel like it does. Anyhow, there are a variety of upgrade options available right now that allow you to pick and choose. But, let's start with the basics and give an example below from one of your customers.


So, you have an old 2012 - 2013 laptop with a core 2 duo B class CPU, it has 4GB ram, a 320GB traditional HDD,1GB Graphics card, and Windows 7 or Windows 8 Installed  The laptop is running slow and is loud, freezes, and unable to keep up peak performance, the battery only last 30 mins.


The first thing that crosses your mind is, bin it? Upgrade? Put it in the attic? These are all options that are going  through your mind, however, take note of the following, with a bit of hard work you will feel rewarded. 


  • Upgrade your Core 2 Duo Cpu to an I3 or I5 (if it's compatible) you may need to update the BIOS in order for the laptop to recognise these new CPU (This can be done easily online)

  • Upgrade your HDD to a new 250GB SSD, at the moment SSD drives are the most cost effective method of improving the overall performance of your machine.

  • Upgrade from 4GB - 8GB (these RAM sticks can be picked up for around £20 online) this makes a massive difference to the performance of your laptop.

  • Take your laptop apart (most laptops allow you to easily remove a back panel to access the heating element and fan element, it is surprisingly easy to access, simply give it a clean and remove the dust) clean any excess dirt or dust with a cloth or wipe.

  • Purchase a newer graphics card (if your laptop supports the upgrade) this is only advised for the serious gamer, as these graphic cards can be expensive and difficult to install.

  • Purchase a replacement battery from Ebay or Amazon (£10 max) these replacement batteries will not last as long as the original, but a few years is all you would expect.

  • Purchase a Windows 10 product key on Ebay for the new installation on your SSD (this can be done for around £10)

  • Give your laptop a clean (might be an obvious one but it works)

  • Sit back, and install all the vital Windows 10 updates.


Once you've gone through all the above stages, give yourself a pat on the back, you will notice that your laptop runs as new, that a new one is not needed. Now you can continue using your laptop for less than £60, as opposed to buying a new one for £400. If you need any help with the above upgrade options, we can greatly assist you. Our speciality is upgrading laptops.


Good luck all

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