Make the most of your laptop in lockdown

April 13, 2020

How do you make the most of your laptop in lockdown? As lockdown continues, you might ask yourself this very question. In short, the best way to make the most of your laptop in lockdown is by using as many different websites as possible. For example, the following list shows the best way to make the most of this unprecedented situation.

  • Amazon Music (listen to music on your laptop)

  • Spotify (listen to music)

  • Streaming services  (watch movies on Netflix, NowTv, Amazon Video, and other sites)

  • Learn a new skill online with free online courses from Udemy (learn a new skill for free by signing up to Udemy)

  • Create a website for free (create your own website and feed your hobby)

  • Set up a digital service business  (create an online business to keep you busy)

  • Join a community or online discussion (reddit, etc) speak with people, stay connected.

  • Skype family and friends (stay connected using your webcam)

  • Look into online gaming (this passes the time, you can download games for free from Epic Games and Steam)

  • Join Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree, and other sites (online shopping will get you through this) the high street is closed, so why not order online? Order a BBQ kit, garden statues, a new TV? The list is endless.

  • Watch some YouTube movies (funny cat videos, unsolved mysterious, clown pranks etc)

  • Record yourself singing (become famous online)

  • Research (do some research, stay informed) I like to research Greek Mythology and ancient creatures.

  • Read articles online (read some content online) become an academic, do your research.

There is a whole host of online resources for you to utilise, the list is endless. Remember, you have access to an unlimited amount of online resources. 




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