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How to fix WIFI problems with your laptop

February 10, 2020

Are you having problems with your WIFI? Is your laptop not connecting to your router? We know how frustrating it is when your laptop doesn't connect to your router, or it doesn't pick up the signal to connect you to the internet. And, despite all your attempts, your laptop just won't connect to the internet and keeps rejecting your router.


In most cases, the solution is simple. First, make sure your WIFI is turned on, this might seem like a simple fix but you'd be surprised how many people accidentally turn the WIFI button on their laptop off. If your WIFI is definitely turned on, the next step is to ensure that the correct driver is installed.  This can be done by accessing the device manager on your computer, then hovering other to network drivers. If there is an orange or yellow sign on this driver, it means the driver is missing. If, it's in green and showing as installed, click update device driver.



If the aforementioned strategies fail, it looks like you may  need a new WIFI card. This will require assembly of your laptop in order to replace the defective card. Laptop Repair Base Preston can do this for you at an extremely reasonable price. Depending on where your WIFI card is located, we can do this for as little as £20.


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