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Is it time to upgrade your laptop?

January 28, 2020

Is it finally time to upgrade? Have you been using your old brick for too long? Has it finally knackered? Laptop Repair Base Preston can offer you a variety of upgrade options. We have laptops for sale that can be part exchanged with your older or unwanted machines. In addition, we provide upgrade services, such as SSD drive upgrades, CPU upgrades, memory upgrades, and graphics upgrades.



Initially, we'd first identify the specification of your laptop, then, we'd identify which components are in need of an upgrade. In most cases, RAM, and SSD drive upgrades are the most common upgrade jobs. However, if you're still running an old outdated CPU, we would then advise a CPU, SSD, and RAM upgrade. 


Of course, in most cases you wouldn't need all three of the aforementioned options. This would entirely depend on your computer specification. We would always advise the most appropriate option depending on your requirements. If you're cost conscious, we can recommend the more cost effective method.


Interested? Give us a call, email, or reach out to us on social media with your requirements. We can offer a bespoke tailored service based on your individual bespoke requirements. 

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