Common WIFI problems

November 17, 2019


Occasionally, we are given laptops that have WIFI or other networking problems, in most cases these are simple driver issues. However, sometimes a new WIFI card is required in order to fix the error. In some cases, there are free software packages out there that allow you to boost the signal power of your netowkr, or WIFI extender devices which can be picked up online. These devices boost the signal and coverage of your signal, and allow you to connect from locations that would drop or loose range,


Here at Laptop Repair Base, we provide wifi and networking services.We can fix any networking related issue, we won't charge you to update a driver or install the correct driver. We will simply advise the website that you need to download and install the driver. However, if the problem is more severe and requires a new WIFI card, we only charge £40 for taking the unit apart and replacing the defective card with a new one.


We appreciate that WIFI related issues can be frustrating, which is why we offer a free driver installation service. We will install the correct driver on your laptop for free. 







You can be rest assured that we will go the extra mile in resolving your network usses.

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