Does your laptop motherboard need replacing?

November 15, 2019



Sometimes, laptop motherboards need replacing. The most common cause of this is overheating, long term use, water damage, or BIOS related problems. In addition, problems can arise with memory units failing, CPU's overheating, and other physical damages to your laptop. In rare cases, your laptop can need updating to a newer version of BIOS, previous versions are known to have issues and develop problems and bugs. 


Ultimately, a laptop with a defective motherboard is a serious problem, and, depending on the model of your laptop, can be extremely expensive to fix. In some cases it can be cheaper to procure a new laptop, as opposed to buying a new motherboard and paying for both the cost of the item, and the service cost of fitting it.


We advise all our customers to do a cost benefit analysis,analyse the cost of getting your laptop fixed vs the cost of a new laptop entirely. If the cost is significantly higher purchasing new, then proceed with repairs, whereas if the cost of getting your laptop fixed borders on the same level as purchasing a new one, proceed with that option.


If you're experiencing issues with your laptop motherboard, contact us today, we'd be happy to help in whatever way we can. As this is an extremely expensive service that requires a significant level of detail, we request that you contact us directly over the phone. We will conduct a cost benefit analysis with you to determine the best course of action.


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