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Why is your laptop running slow?

November 8, 2019

Is your laptop taking ages to load? Are you waiting ages for it to boot up, then shutdown? Is your laptop no longer usable?  We come across this issue on a daily basis, our customers highlight that their laptops are too slow, taking ages to load, don't shut down, freeze during operations, etc etc. 


This happens to be the most common problem we come across, after all, who wants a slow laptop that takes ages to do anything? Why bother even keeping such a thing. In 95% of cases, most of our customers need a newer version of Windows installing, increased RAM, or an upgrade to an SSD drive. In most cases, any of the aforementioned options are suitable.


However, in some cases it is not as simple as this. Customers have reported overheating issues, and have allowed dust to form inside the laptop which has caused serious issues. This usually involves us having to take the laptop apart, replace the fan, and clean the inside of the machine in order to prevent any further damage. 


If you're looking for laptop services in Preston, or speedup services, recycling services in Preston, get in touch.  We often speed up laptops and are specialised in providing a wide variety of options to speed up your laptop. We always inform our customers as to the cheapest, most reliable service we can offer.with the best possible price point. Don't put up with a slow laptop, get it fixed today! After all, life's short!.

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