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Best Free Antivirus Software (2019)

October 24, 2019


In order to help our customers select the most appropriate anti virus software, we are going to look at the best free antivirus software that is currently being offered on the market.  From what we've seen, most people are unaware that there are a number of companies out there that offer FREE anti-virus software. Many of our customers are using paid services such as Norton as a result of commission based due recommendations from PC World. Don't do it.

As you can imagine, many people are sceptical when you suggest that free software is actually good and not a scam. The free version is essentially their selling platform for their professional version and also generates brand awareness. By giving away their product for free they are opening up the consumer (you) to purchasing in the future when you realise you can trust products produced by them. It's basically an advertising incentive offered by the company that benefits all parties.

Here at Laptop Repair Base Preston, we personally run Avast on our home PC, and install this by default on all our customers laptops. 




We have been using Avast for just over 8 years now, we have installed this free Anti Virus software on over 400 machines. We have never experienced any issues with this software, unlike others such as AVG & Norton. 



– Light on resources even for older machines
– Light on resources with scans
– Includes secure browser integration (it tells you if the websites you go are trusted)
– Scanning is one of the quickest of all the anti-virus programs we have used
– Detection rates over 98% 
– Automatic Updates
– Nice interface



-it's Anti Virus only, not a security suite, so there is no firewall

-it can use a high amount of CPU, and can run in the background

-automatic updates can slow your PC down.



Overall Avast is an excellent choice for free anti-virus software. The main benefit of using Avast is that it's light on resources. When you compare this to packages such as Norton or AVG (we've had bad experiences with these) it really stands out. We will continue to personally recommend Avast Anti Virus Free for all our new and existing customers. Avast is an absolute vital software package that every home users needs.




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