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Are laptops obsolete?

October 6, 2019


There seems to be a debate at the moment raging throughout the land. Some people think that laptops are no longer a necessity, that tablets have taken over and laptops are on their way out. Some say that tablets are cheaper, portable, and more reliable, easy to use, and in some cases more durable. In addition, people claim that mobile phones are king, and that they never even use their laptops anymore, after all, there is an app for just about anything right?


Well, here at Laptop Repair Base Preston, we just don't see people getting any serious work done with their phone or tablet, assignments, essays, business presentations, website development, graphic design, all require a laptop to get the job done. Whenever you require any serious work, a laptop is always handy. Tablets & phones are indeed useful to an extent, but you can't beat a good old laptop for getting work done with.


We're pretty sure laptops aren't going anyway anytime soon, in fact were certain. So, if you're looking for a reliable computer repair or pc repair service in Preston, or perhaps you want to buy  a new laptop? Contact us today. We'll prove to you that laptops are not dying, they are in fact growing. 

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