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How to overcome common laptop faults

July 29, 2019


Here at Laptop Repair Base Preston, we acknowledge that our customers may experience problems that require very little intervention from us, which is why we occasionally offer free pc repair services. We can offer remote services to our customers and often address the most common problems that are common in this industry, issues such as;

  • Won't turn on

  • Screen broken

  • Running slowly

  • Water damage

  • Charging issues

  • Virus / malware

  • Software

  • Connectors / ports

  • no sound

These are the most common computer problems we come across with our customers, many of these issues range from hardware and software related problems, however, some problems like no sound can be fixed remotely. We do offer free repair services to our customer as a gesture of good will if an issue can be easily resolved.


We believe strongly in being decent human beings, to help people that require assistance, we offer any service that takes less than 10 mins completely free, any service that is not time consuming or problematic we will fix for free.


This is what sets us apart from our competition, our ability to be clear and concise with our customers. To offer free services that other companies would charge for.


If you need any PC or Laptop repair services and you are local to Preston, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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