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Is your laptop as slow as a snail?

June 16, 2019


Is it taking you ages to load this page? Is your laptop driving you insane? A common problem with laptops is that they eventually slow down from excessive use, a number of factors such as viruses, large pools of data, programs running in the background, dust building inside the laptop, and a whole host of others reasons that make your laptop really slow. In addition, traditional old HDD drives have been know to seize operating at this time.


Here at Laptop Repair Base Preston, we offer a specialized service for speeding laptops up. There may be various reasons as to why your laptop is running really slow, but in our experience it is a combination of old age, viruses, outdated software, lack of RAM, and outdated HDD drives. We recently refurbished an old Acer laptop  (2009 laptop) upgraded the memory, CPU, cleaned the fan, installed an SSD drive, installed a fresh version of Windows 10, and installed a new battery. The laptop is now running 10x faster than it was when purchased new and our client has seen a huge difference in her day to day running of her business due to the speed increase.


Our tailored service can revitalize any old laptop that was released before 2006 and turn it into a brand new Windows 10 machine that operates better than brand new. Our main USP is the service we provide for speeding laptops up that would otherwise be unusable.



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