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Windows 10 Update Problems

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Have you seen this Windows error? Does it occur after you update Windows? This issue is more common than you think. Scroll down to learn more about this error.

Recently, several of our customers reported the same Windows 10 update error. This error usually occurs right after an update and prevents customers from entering their desktop and accessing their OS. When they finally gain access to their Windows 10 Operating System, the mouse or keyboard is no longer functioning. There have also been cases in which the sound is missing, they are unable to boot to Windows due to an error, or the mouse pointer / touch-pad is no longer functioning on their laptop.

Customers are also experiencing long loading times, various error messages, and reporting Windows is stuck and not proceeding to boot after an update. Customers are further reporting that they are stuck on an infinite Windows 10 repair loop with no hope of ever finding their way back Broken audio, blue screen of death, and full system failures are all issues we've recently spotted with the new Windows 10 update.

The cause

When Windows updates your laptop, it is updating existing drivers and applies other fundamental updates to Windows programs on your machine. If this process is interrupted (e.g your network goes down) or you turn your laptop off before the update has finished, it can cause your Windows 10 operating system to become damaged. This can then cause what is referred to a Windows repair loop, in which your operating system tries to recover from a corrupted update, but is unable to do so. The repair loop cycles continue over and over again, but each time it reaches the same conclusions and you are unable to access your PC.

In addition, when Windows 10 updates your machine, it installs new versions of what we call drivers, these drivers are what allow your mouse, keyboard, graphics card, WIFI, and other devices to communicate. A driver is what controls your physical hardware, If a driver update is interrupted, or freezes during installation, it can cause your laptop to stop functioning. This process can stop your WIFI from working, stop your mouse or touchpad from functioning, cause your screen to go blank if a display driver is missing, and a whole host of other problems that can interrupt your PC's software drivers.

These are the fundamental caused that can be caused as a result of Windows 10 updates. However, in most cases, Windows Updates are harmless and actually improve the security and overall performance of your laptop.

Why does Microsoft Update Windows?

Microsoft updates Windows to fix bugs, apply security enhancements, and to increase the overall functionality of your operating system. It is also required to update device drivers and newer versions of Windows programs. Updating Windows also applies security fixes and makes your PC more secure. However, these updates can conflict with your system and take time to install. For example, a laptop running a traditional HDD with less than 4GB RAM and a core 2 duo CPU, will take significantly longer to install updates as opposed to a faster i7 SSD gaming laptop.

Windows updates are necessary but they often result in slowing down your PC by installing in the background, installing other software and attempting to fix bugs that your computer may not like. In addition, people are known to shut down their PC during updates halfway through as it can be a time-consuming ordeal.

Microsoft is aware of this,, and is slowly rolling out compatibility fixes and enhancements.. These attempt to address any vulnerability, or glitches caused by previous Windows updates and invalid configurations caused as a direct result of security patches.

Overall, Windows has always been known for its update issues, unfortunately, the only solution is to avoid updating your machine if you do not wish to experience any of these issues, Alternatively, you can pause your Windows updates for up to a month, you can keep selecting this option to pause updates and disable them from running automatically. However, if you persist on installing these fundamental updates, we strongly advise that you keep your laptop on for the entirety of the process. We know it can take sometime before updates finish, but interrupting this vital procedure can result in further continuous errors.

If you need any help or advice regarding Windows update errors, please do not hesitate to contact us. We specialise in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 upgrades & downgrades. We are the only computer repair shop in Preston that offers free advice.

Laptop Repair Base Preston is a top-rated computer repair services based in the heart of Preston, Lancashire. We strive to deliver the most cost-effective laptop repair service in our area. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are offering free advice to our customers.

Good luck all and stay safe.


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