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Why is your laptop so low?

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

One of the most common reasons for slow laptop is unnecessary junk and applications running in the background. If you have a significant number of programs installed on your laptop that are all running in the background, or open when you start up your PC, this uses a mass amount of CPU, RAM, and hard disk usage. As a result, having such a large amount of these processes running in the background can cause your laptop to run continuously slow. In addition, having anti-virus software updating or running in the background can further slow your PC down.

In addition, It can be the result of a faulty hard drive, some hard drive eventually develops what we call bad sectors, which develop performance issues over time. This can slow down loading times and cause further performance issues with your PC The solution? Upgrade to an SSD drive. These are much faster and can resolve most performance issues. In fact, upgrading to an SSD drive is the most cost-effective way of improving the overall performance of your laptop.

Alternatively, your PC could be running slow due to overheating issue, your fan can get clogged and cause your laptop to overheat which slows your PC down. This is a common fault which is known to slow PC's down, the graphics card or CPU gets hot which causes speed issues. This can also result in graphics or motherboard issues.

We'd recommend programs like C Cleaner, and Advanced Uninstaller, these free software applications are good for stopping programs from starting up in the background, it is also an excellent way to remove unnecessary junk that is slowing your PC down. C Cleaner is one of the best free software packages out there that makes a huge difference.

So, we've covered the list as to what could be slowing your PC down and outlined some improvement measures you can take yourself in order to address these issues. In most cases, it comes down to programs running in the background, a defective hard drive, or overheating issues. All of which require a specialist technician to asses.

In any case, we can investigate this issue for you and help your resolve it. If you need any support or advice, get in touch.

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