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The most common laptop hardware and software errors

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Laptop repairs are what we as a company specialise in. It is the primary service we offer to our customers. In order to assist potential clients, we sometimes share content and step by step guide our customers can use before they bring their laptops into us. In this blog, we have outlined the most common laptop hardware and software problems we see on a regular basis. We have listed the common reasons behind these problems, and what you can do to fix them.

1. It’s dead (no sign of life)

The laptop does not turn on at all, there are no signs of life whatsoever. When you plug the charger in, there is no activity.. When you press the power button, nothing appears. The likely cause for this error points to the battery draining completely because of a faulty charger. Try replacing the laptop charger and removing the battery.

Alternatively, a faulty DC jack is a common cause of this error. DC jack's occasionally degraded over time and has to be replaced. When this happens, your laptop is unable to receive any kind of power unless this problem is resolved. Think of the DC jack as the first point of contact for power, if the first point of contact is faulty, your laptop will not power switch on.

The worst possible scenario for this problem is a defective motherboard. Unfortunately, when a laptop shows no signs of life whatsoever, it can sometimes be a serious problem that requires a significant amount of time and resources to fix. In some cases, it isn't financially feasible to repair.

2. It’s alive, but nothing is appearing on the screen (power on no display)

When you plug the charger in there is signs of life, and your battery is charging, In addition, when you press the power button you can hear the laptop functioning. Everything seems to work okay, apart from the fact that the screen remains black with no display. Power on no display is a common problem we come across on a daily basis.

Possible causes of this error include RAM (Random access memory) failure, in which the memory modules have stopped working and need to be replaced. You can try switching the memory modules around to resolve this problem. Alternatively, it could be a graphics issue, your graphics card could have malfunctioned or overheated.

Other potential issues include battery problems, screen problems, loose cables, motherboard issues, charger problems, faulty components, and even BIOS errors.

In order to identify the issue, we ask that you connect your laptop to your TV or monitor using HDMI or a VGA cable, if your PC appears on the screen, it is likely you need a new screen fitting. In most cases, we ask that you drop your laptop off at our home office so we can perform a full diagnostic to rectify the issue.

3. The laptop turns on and off randomly (turns on then shuts down)

The likely culprit here is an imminent motherboard failure or overheating issue. It could be the RAM, try switching the memory modules around, it could also be an overheating issue. For example, your laptop is powering on but it's getting too hot so it is shutting down as a safety procedure to prevent damage to the motherboard. In most cases, this issue can be repaired as long as no damage to the motherboard has occurred. This issue can be resolved swiftly once the problem has been identified by our engineers.

4. It makes a strange noise while operating. (strange grinding noises)

Most of the time this points to a fan or hard drive issue when a hard drive or fan is nearing its end of life, it starts to make strange noises which indicate it's nearly about to stop working. The grinding or strange noise you are hearing will not go away until the fan or hard drive has been replaced. You can try to find out which component is responsible. Once you identify the defective component, replace it straight away.

5. Blue Screen Of Death (the laptop comes on then shuts down, it displays a blue screen error with unique error codes)

When you power your laptop on, you are greeted with a blue screen error that prevents you from accessing your Windows system. The laptop shuts down, freezes, or loops back to the blue screen of death. This is typically a heat-related issue, your fan gets clogged with dust and junk and cannot breathe. The processor then gets too hot and shuts itself down to prevent damage to the CPU. Depending on your laptop, you can remove the fan and clean it yourself, however, some laptops make it difficult to access the fan.

In some situations, it can be down to a battery, hard drive, charger, or memory issue. The best way of identifying the issue is to remove all components, then restart the laptop to identify which component is responsible for this error. Start from scratch.

6. The screen is fussy and lines are appearing

When you power the laptop on, the screen is fussy and lines appear on the screen. You can also see that when you move the laptop, the lines change. This is most likely a screen issue, but can also be a graphics problem. To diagnose, connect your laptop to a TV or monitor, if the issue appears through your TV or monitor, it's a graphics issue, whereas, if the screen is clear, it's a screen issue. We can perform a diagnostic on your machine and attempt to replace the screen and fix the graphics problem.

7. The laptop powers on but displays a boot device not found an error

When you power up your laptop, it displays an error that says the boot device is not found, the error sticks and you are unable to access your PC. The most likely cause of this is that your hard drive has malfunctioned, or your laptop no longer recognises your boot device - or your hard drive is missing from your machine. You can try and source a new hard drive, fit it, and reinstall Windows to fix this problem. However, some laptops make it difficult for you to do this, some make it extremely difficult for you to access the inside of your laptop.

8. The Wireless is not working and keeps disconnecting

When you connect to your network, it either disconnects or doesn't connect at all. Sometimes, you are unable to search for Wireless networks and it doesn't show your router The most likely cause of this is the WIFI driver needs updating, or the WIFI card needs to be replaced with a new one.

Most computer manufacturers have a support area in which you can update your drivers, you should plug your Ethernet cable from your router into your laptop and search for drivers updates manually. If this doesn't fix the problem, you will need to either purchase a mini USB WIFI device or have your WIFI card replaced. We offer this service at an extremely competitive price.

Most laptop problems can only be solved effectively by us and at a reasonable price. We offer local laptop repairs in Preston and will not be beaten on price. We are a remote computer shop in Preston that specialises in the repairs of laptops, PC's, and computers.

If you have any of the aforementioned issues in Preston, Lancashire, do not hesitate to call us – Laptop Repair Base Preston. You can contact us on 07588881298.

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