• Jordan O'Neill

Should you purchase a new laptop?

Many of our customers ask us this question, we are often presented with these questions with most of our clients. In most cases, it depends on your financial situation, can you really part with £300 - £400 right now? Or should you invest £80 - £120 into getting your old one repaired? This is quite a common predicament customers find themselves in, our clients tend to analyse their options, some of our customers simply purchase a new one, whilst others tend to negotiate on price. It all depends on how new their current machine is if the laptop or PC is 10 years old, it's likely the customer will purchase a new one, but if it's only a few years old, customers tend to invest in getting them repaired.

Ultimately, it's down to the individual, since Covid-19, we're seeing an increase in people cutting back and reviewing their financial situations before committing. As a computer repair service, we appreciate our customers are looking for a cost-effective solution that yields returns, rather than investing a large pool of money into something that might develop faults. Each customer is different, while we're not accustomed to customers making such difficult decisions, the seriousness of the fault plays a major factor in a customers decision-making process.

We're here to support our customers in whatever way possible, which is why we're completely transparent when it comes to price. As we are now primarily operating from our home office, we can provide low-prices to our customers, whereas whilst we operate as a retail premise, we have to factor in the cost of rent, bills, utilities, staff, and other operating costs (which no longer exist)

In most cases, we take on board your financial situation when arranging a repair, we never overestimate invoices or exaggerate quotes. Our business believes in being transparent as possible with our customers.

All the best.

Laptop Repair Base.

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