• Jordan O'Neill

Laptop screen repair? Is it worth it?

We often get asked this by our customers, is it worth repairing the screen, or should you just buy a new one outright. There are a couple of things you should consider when thinking about this, firstly, is your laptop a new or old build. You should definitely consider the age of the laptop before considering having it repaired.

For example, if you have a 10 year old laptop with a smashed screen, the cost of replacing the screen could be on the same level as the laptop itself. For example, you purchased your laptop in 2010 for £300, the cost of that laptop has significantly depreciated over time, more than likely you can pickup the same laptop for around £100 - £150. You have been quoted £90 for a screen repair, so there really isn't much difference.

Whereas, if you own a gaming laptop or i7 top spec machine, the cost of purchasing a new one will be considerably more expensive than repairing the screen. The average screen replacement job is £80, this is typically what you would expect to pay for a laptop screen replacement. Here at Laptop Repair Preston, we charge between £60 - £80 for screen replacements depending on the make and model of your unit.

With gaming laptops, they are one of a kind, most likely you paid over £700 for it, so simply discarding it and throwing it away wouldn't make sense right now. Again, it depends how much value you put on your laptop, and of course if there are any additional problems with it which could increase the price and therefore make it not worthwhile.

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