• Jordan O'Neill

Is it worth upgrading to SSD?

Upgrading to an SSD drive is the most cost-effective way of improving the overall performance of your PC. Without a doubt, upgrading to SSD is the solution.

A large proportion of laptops these days still use traditional HDD (hard disk drives) these are the old school equivalent of storage data.. These drives are known to operate at 5400rpm, or 7200rpm, these traditional mechanical drives are known to develop faults. For example, they can develop bad sectors, or if you drop or move your laptop it can result in spin drive errors, not to mention a whole host of other issues. In addition, these hard drives are known to eventually stop spinning sporadically, which has resulted in mass data loss. some of our clients have lost data due to defective mechanical hard drives.

This isn't the case with SSD, in fact, upgrading to an SSD drive is guaranteed to improve overall performance by up to 10x, it keeps your computer or laptop cool and is generally durable in the long term. A laptop with an SSD drive is more secure and less prone to failures. More importantly, you will see increased load times and processing of data. No doubt about it, upgrading your laptop to an SSD drive is the best thing you can do.

An SSD drive can revitalise your old PC or laptop. Upgrading to an SSD drive is the best course of action if your laptop is running slow. Purchasing a stick of RAM alongside an SSD drive will improve the performance of your PC for the next decade.

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