• Jordan O'Neill

Is it worth upgrading ps4 to SSD?

Should you upgrade your PS4 to SSD? Will it make a difference? As we've seen with the PS5, an SSD makes your Playstation run much faster. Upgrading your PS4 to an SSD drive will dramatically increase load times, game installations, and overall speed. With an SSD, your best bet is to install all your games digitally rather than through a disk, that way your PS4 is running your games from your SSD rather than a DVD. Having everything installed on your SSD will help you out during gameplay.

At the moment, you can purchase digital versions of games through the Playstation store or third party websites. Installing the games on your SSD will make them run much smoother, that way your game is dependent on the SSD rather than the DVD drive. You will notice a significant increase in load times and general speed.

Obviously, the hardware capabilities of a PS4 are limited in comparison to a PS5, but an SSD drive will boost the overall performance and reliability of your old PS4. Unfortunately, now isn't the time to purchase a PS5 as the market is saturated with private sellers buying them in bulk in order to make a profit. You should hang fire for a few months and wait for the market to return to some sort of normality.

Stay safe.

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