Is an SSD upgrade worth it?

Here at Laptop Repair Base Preston, we often share tricks in the trade that can help our customers make the most out of their digital experience. A promising strategy we tend to recommend is an upgrade to SSD (Solid State Drive) these drives boost the overall performance of your PC and can help speed things up drastically! Sometimes, a simple RAM upgrade isn't the solution, therefore we recommend this solution to most of our customers if their PC's are running slow.

Things to consider with SSD

  • They are more expensive than traditional HDD (hard disk drives)

  • They require a qualified technician to take apart your laptop to fit

  • A technician will need to clone your drive in order to ensure all your files and information is still there (there is also a risk of your losing any licences such as Office)

  • Depending on your budget, they can be expensive to replace and can result in lower storage (a 1TB SSD can be as expensive as £100)

  • You will need to pay a technician to remove and replace your old drive

However, SSD's boost greater performance and use less energy than traditional drives. An SSD is basically a USB device that runs your operating system, they are more commonly used in mobile phones and high-end PC's. Obviously, we'd recommend a complete review of your hardware and software, for example, if you're running an Intel Core i3, this could be the core reason your laptop is running slow.

Ultimately, it depends entirely on your circumstances and individual requirements. For example, the following laptop unit would definitely benefit from an SSD upgrade;

  • Hp Laptop with 8GB RAM, Intel Core i3 CPU, 15.6 screens, with a 1TB (Hard Disk Drive)

Upgrading this laptop to an SSD will greatly improve the overall performance and speed of the unit, this is because the laptop already contains a high-end I5 CPU, and a large amount of RAM (8GB) therefore, an upgrade to SSD would definitely be recommended by us. However, another example can be seen below in which an SSD wouldn't benefit the customer.

  • Hp laptop with 3GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo, 15.4 screen, with a 500GB HDD.

Upgrading this laptop to an SSD wouldn't benefit the overall performance of the unit as it only has 3GB RAM, and a core 2 duo CPU, the difference would be negligible. More often than not, it depends entirely on the age and performance of the machine that needs upgrading.

Here at Laptop Repair Preston, we undertake an assessment of what is required before any work is carried out, our recommendations are based solely on your unique individual requirements. If you're interested in our SSD upgrade options, please get in touch.

Stay safe.

Laptop Repair Base

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