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Are gaming laptops worth it?

Are gaming laptops worth it for the price? A relatively mid-range gaming laptop will set you back £1000, whereas the top range gaming laptops (Alienware etc) will set you back 2k, or even 3k plus. The question is, are they worth it? Is it really worth investing thousands of pounds into a portable powerhouse? Or should you invest your hard-earned money into a PC instead? We investigate the pros and cons of such a conundrum.

Gaming laptops are known for their portability, which is one of their best selling points. There's nothing quite like bringing your gaming laptop with you out and about, being able to play your favourite games on the go - it's a portable solution to a life long problem. This is a fundamental advantage when purchasing a gaming laptop, portability, unfortunately, portability isn't an option with a bulky PS4 or PC., such a limitation isn't easily rectified.

However, a gaming PC is the most cost-effective option and can boast powerful performance options not seen in gaming laptops. For example, a gaming PC can have several different RAM and HDD slots, whereas a laptop is often limited to 2 slots of RAM, and 2 HDD bays, and most laptops have a limit on the number of RAM or storage space you can upgrade to. This kind of limitation doesn't exist with a PC. it is well known that laptops lack that extra amount of paper that PC's enjoy. In addition, gaming PC's are more designed to stay cool, they often contain large cooling elements that can cope with intense programs. Unfortunately, a gaming laptop is more likely to overheat or become defective the more you use them, this is because the components are portable and more susceptible to overheating and other issues.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, if your main focus is portability, get a gaming laptop. If you're not overly concerned about portability issues and costs, purchase a gaming PC.

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